Thank you for visiting the virtual headquarters of The Watkins Group, Inc., where we make it our business to excel where others fail.

If you asked our clients to describe us, you will hear – Marketing Firm, Advertising Company, Political Strategy Company, Performance Coach, Media Advisor, or Business Consultants – while they are not wrong, we are so much more.

We are communication specialists in that we have perfected the ability to establish lines of communication between the most non-communicative groups.  We are Social Scientists in that we are able to provide ingress and egress to our clients and their targets by creating a community through which goods and services can be delivered without exception.  We are Political Scientists as we have reduced to a science the ability to influence the movements of individuals, groups, and entities in a manner that is supportive of our clients and their targets. We are a Strategy Firm in that we make sense of environments and conditions that often deal a fatal blow to businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.  The Watkins Group is the Solution to your problem.


Maintaining the highest professional standards, The Watkins Group is respected for its unorthodox approach to providing access to traditionally hard to reach groups of people.  Regardless of how you label them, if you feel you are not realizing your potential with populations that impact your success or failure, The Watkins Group is the Solution.

Whether your interests are the politics of business or the business of politics, we are experts in the development and implementation of strategies to surmount even the most difficult threats to our clients’ interests, business, success, or existence.

Through our services, clients are able to surmount the challenges that threaten their missions, goals, or very existence. Our expertise in the areas of Campaign Development, Image Enhancement, Project Management, Public Relations and Diversity Management, we guarantee success by design, not by chance.

Thank you for your interest in The Watkins Group, Inc. Once you have completed your visit, we invite you to complete and submit a Client Screening form or call us at 770.719.1606 to schedule an appointment to further discuss your interest.


The Watkins Group is committed to providing our clients with confidential and responsive service tailored to address their unique circumstances.  Through our engagement that facilitates access and communication, we guarantee the realization of your potential among consumers, citizens, and voters.

We firmly believe that for every problem there is a solution.

We firmly believe that in every situation, there exists an opportunity to influence the thoughts and behaviors of people.


The Mission of The Watkins Group is to eliminate threats to our clients’ success.


The performance impact of individuals, organizations, businesses, and public servants is enhanced through the problem-solving strategies implemented by The Watkins Group.

The best Candidate wins less than 50% of the time.  The best Campaign wins 100% of the time.

Vincent B. Watkins

Campaign and Election Training