Vincent B. Watkins J.D.

Founder and CEO

Vincent founded The Watkins Group at the age of 18. With more than three decades of experience in political, education, and corporate arenas, Vincent has extensive experience in the development and implementation of grass-roots community –based campaigns that target difficult to access populations. His success is directly related to his ability to empower others to access previously


untapped opportunities by using language to which the target audience will respond positively.

Vincent continues to pioneer
new and innovative ways of bridging communication gaps.

Under Vincent’s leadership, The Watkins Group is respected for its
professionalism and competent delivery of services.

Vincent’s work experience includes the campaigns of Presidents, US Senators,
Congressmen, Judges, Fortune 100 Companies and State Departments of Education,
along with numerous federal and local candidates, agencies and private individuals.

Vincent B. Watkins has been described as the difference between success and


Toni Jac’queline Watkins

Senior Project Manager

Toni is an accomplished producer, talk show host and executive of V2 Productions and serves dual roles with TWG.

When not overseeing operations for V2 Productions, and hosting the Toni Watkins Show, Toni coordinates research operations that target the 16 to 40 year-old demographic.

Working in political campaigns since the


age of 5, Toni Watkins brings a wealth of experience in community organizing, fundraising, and field management expertise to The Watkins Group and its clients. Toni has run and managed state, federal, and local campaigns field operations all across the country in fields ranging from United States Congressional races, Prison Reentry Reform, Environmental Justice, to marketing campaigns in the construction industry. Toni has immersed herself in a cornucopia of industries to guarantee success for all clients.


Keisha Waites

Coordinator of Special Projects

Former Rep. Keisha Waites is a leader among leaders. Respected for her energy, enthusiasm, keen work ethic, integrity, and strong commitment to public service. Keisha has made a name for herself as no-nonsense champion for


the rights of those ignored and overlooked.

Keisha has an impressive history of community service and civic involvement.
As State Representative she authored and sponsored several bills that received national attention and garnered bipartisan support.

Additionally, Keisha has an impressive service record in the area of Emergency Management where she has worked to bring stability and order to the lives of families and individuals, disrupted by natural disasters across America


Adrean Hill-Horton

Senior Producer

Adrean brings a wealth of talent to The Watkins Group. Adrean’s chief responsibility is overseeing details to ensure events and productions come off without a hitch. Whether film projects or organizing client activities,


 Adrean’s production skills ensure our clients’ success and satisfaction.
Adrean has served as the primary liaison for more than 12 years. Whether negotiating relationships with Congressmen, celebrities, presidential hopefuls, magazine publishers and hard-working citizens or coordinating the event logistics, Adrean is respected for her ability to cut to the chase and give the public what it wants.


Michael Reed

Director of Film and Video Production

Michael has a wealth of experience that includes, news, sports shows, and cinema offers our clients more than 30 years of film and video experience. Whether film, television, or social mediums, Michael provides unlimited possibilities to our clients.


Maynard Eaton

Print Media and Broadcast Media Producer

An EMMY award winner with more than 30 years experience as a journalist, Maynard Eaton is a valuable team member. Maynard joined the Watkins Group, in 2000 during the U.S. Presidential campaign distinguished himself among America’s great journalist.


Joseph Cunningham

Music and Audio Producer

Joseph is nationally acclaimed for his production skills and capabilities. He directs all audio and musical production projects for The Watkins Group, enabling the firm to deliver stellar original productions tailored to suit the unique needs of our clients.

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Rolando Benega

Design Specialist

Rolando’s design expertise enables The Watkins Group to provide original, professional products that guarantee engagement, penetration and communication with our client’s target audience. With over 1000 creations, there is virtually nothing we cannot deliver to our client’s graphically.

There is no question of whether or not you are at war – the question is when did you realize you are at war?

Vincent B.  Watkins

Conference of Rural Elected Officials and Leaders