“I worked directly with Vincent and The Watkins Group on a Diversity Recruitment Campaign across the state and The Watkins Group delivered impeccable results. The Watkins Group was pivotal in our ability to deliver effective services throughout the state at the district level.”

Gwen BuffingtonKentucky Department Of Education

“Vincent and I attended law school at the same time, although I was a year ahead of him. I remember him as being dedicated in his pursuit of the law, and passionately committed to helping others, not for personal aggrandizement, but because our presence at SULC carried with it, an obligation to do all we can to see that “equal justice under the law” is more than just a noble ideal.

I commend him for his work at The Watkins Group, Inc., and I am certain he will attain even greater successes in the future.”

Dr. Herbert TownsendStudent, Southern University Law Center

“ Over the last 21 years I work with some of the top consultants in the country and Vince is one of the very best. He’s one of the few that plan’s his work and then works his plan. He’s creative, one of the hardest workers I know and basically a winner. I would recommend Vince and The Watkins Group for any type of campaign.”

Don BurrellChairman/CEO, The Washington Political Group

“Vincent Watkins and the Washington Political Group have worked with each other on several projects. Mr. Watkins is innovative, professional and I look forward to working with his team for many years to come.”

Herbert HamlettExecutive Vice President, Variety Investment

“I have been fortunate to work with Vincent on several successful campaigns. Vincent is a detail organized person who “executes” and someone I highly recommend to any organization”

Michael ReedOwner, Agape Vision

“Vincent is a very driven individual with detail to his work. He operates with an abundant amount of
resources and knowledge. Vincent is definitely an expert in his field. All those that use the services
of The Watkins Group, Inc. shall definitely reap a benefit.”

Terrence Lee CroftMediator and Arbitrator, JAMS, The Resolution Experts

“Vincent Watkins is a very bright, engaging and knowledgeable member of the community. He has excellent judgment and is very diligent in achieving the results he says he will.”

Tom ReynoldsSales Associate, RE/MAX Greater Atlanta