The list below names some of our valued clients, reflecting a diverse makeup of corporate, political, educational and non-profit organizations.

Council for Exceptional Children

Mayor Bob Poydasheff, Columbus, Georgia

SimDesk Computers, Houston , TX

Presidential Campaign Steve Forbes 2000

George W. Bush 2000

US Congressional Census Monitoring Board

Atlanta Football Classic

1996 Paralympic Games

Denny’s Restaurant

Republican National Committee

Harris County School Board

Southern Gospel Showcase

Mayor Patsy Jo Hilliard, East Point, Georgia

US Senator Paul Coverdell

President George Bush

Christians for Good Government

Florida Medical Association

International Republican Institute For International Affairs (Haiti)

Louisiana Court Reporting College

Southern University

Dangerous Minds Entertainment

Casino Magic Riverboat Gambling

Marine Shale Processors

Mayor Annette Strauss, Dallas, Texas

Governor Jim Martin, North Carolina

Education Alternative Incorporated

National Right To Life

National Smokers Alliance

America’s Inner City Development Foundation

Democratic National Party, South Africa

United States Senator Robert Dole (1996 Pres. Campaign)

King Zwalethini (King of South African Zulus, Carter Center)

Advice and Aid Pregnancy Problem Center

Tesseract (Baltimore City Schools)

Foundation Health

Ministry of Reconciliation

Life Ministries for Women

MSNBC (Child Prostitution Package)

Black Georgians for Life MS